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The leftovers from #saveourculture campaing will be given to different charity groups.

London’s fabric has donated £68,000 in leftover fundraising cash from its 2016 campaign to reopen to a variety of charities.

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After last year’s closing by authorities, the #saveourculture campaign was created. Raising more than £330,000, it allowed the club reopening in January 2017 thanks to an agreement with police and Islington Council. The club plans for the leftover funds are the following: The Loop, NTIA, Music Venue Trust and Centrepoint will each receive around £13,500, while Midi Music Company, Make-A-Wish UK, Nordoff Robbins and YUAF will get roughly £3,300 each.

The club also unveiled its donor board. Hung onto Room Two‘s walls, it includes the names of the people who contributed in fabric’s fight to reopen.




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