Hains f.k.a Crises, is a well established DJ within the UK electronic music scene. Hailing from East London, Hains has been developing his unquestionable skills as a DJ since childhood, starting with UK House and Garage from the tender age of 14.

After DJing on various pirate radio stations, he was recognised by the acclaimed station Rinse FM, where he began presenting his successful show ‘Sunshine Ina Bag’ in 2007. During the seven years on Rinse FM, Hains developed a strong listening base due to his high-energy and interactive approach to the show.

Hains’ career moved from strength to strength. He began hosting an array of multi-genre club nights around the UK and Europe. In 2009 Hains founded his innovative music label, MindStep; allowing him to promote fresh, upcoming talent and maintain his own captivating music selection.

Hains has an array of DJ experience under his belt, including festivals, bars, nightclubs and private parties – his passion for music is evident in every set. Hains’ experience is not limited to the UK, having toured the USA and playing numerous sets in and around Europe. Time and time again Hains has proven himself to be a talented and versatile musician and is always seeking to expand his repertoire.